Oil, Gas & Energy

Oil, Gas & Energy

Oil, Gas & Energy

The experience Crowe Expertiza LLC (formerly Rosexpertiza LLC) has gained through cooperation with energy industry companies can hardly be overestimated. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the amount of cooperation we've had with the energy industry is just as significant as the oil and natural gas sector represents to be for the economy of Russia.

In its very early days (1994-1995) the company signed contracts to provide audit services to such locomotives of the Russian energy sector as Sidanko, Rosnefteimpex, Nafta-Moscow, Universe-Nafta, Morovoil, Varyeganneftegaz and Tebukneft.

It was also at that time that Rosexpertiza began cooperating with Surgutneftegaz OJSC, a partnership that has successfully continued into the present and that now includes, in addition to Surgutneftegaz itself, the oil refineries and trading companies of the group (Kirishinefteorgsynthes, Kaliningradnefteproduct, Lennefteproduct, Tvernefteproduct and others).

1997-1999 saw the signing of auditing agreements with Sakhalin Energy Investment Co. Ltd, Norilsgazprom, Khabarovsknefteproduct, and Khabarovsky NPZ (oil refinery).

Special mention should be made of such major companies as Total Exploration and Зкщвгсешщт Russia, NGK ITERA and Zarubezhneft OJSC, which our company has also been cooperating with since early days. With regards to the last company it should be noted that later on Rosexpertiza took on its clients its subsidiaries Zarubezhneftestroymontazh, RMNTK (Russian Inter-branch Scientific and Technical Complex) Nefteotdacha, SP Rusvyetpetro as well as OJSC Academician A.P. Krylov VNIIneft, NeftegazInKor, Zarubezhneft Dobycha - Kharyaga and others.

In subsequent years the company went on to acquire for its portfolio a lot of other oil and natural gas companies such as Nafta-Ulyanovsk, Taimyrgaz, Affiliated Joint-Stock Company Promgaz, Nortgaz, Krasnoyarsknefteproduct, Pugaz, United Oil Group, NK Burneftegaz as well as Kem-Oil Group comprising Anzherskaya Oil and Gas Company, Anzhersky Oil Refinery and Northern Kuzbass Oil Refinery.

In 2009 Rosexpertiza won an open bidding to audit the financial statements of NK Rosneft OJSC, its more than 300 subsidiaries  and affiliated companies as well as the consolidated financial statements of the group of companies.

That same year the company began cooperation with Gazprom Neft OJSC through its subsidiary holding Gazpromneft Aero: before long Rosexpertiza was auditing the majority of Gazprom Neft companies.

In 2013 the company started auditing the financial statements of all the companies of NGK Slavneft Group, an arrangement that continues up to present day.

It should also be mentioned that Crowe Expertiza counts among its clients a number of oil servicing companies that operate at the intersection of the oil and gas sector and mechanical engineering. These include such companies as INTEGRA Group, SIAM Group, Nizhenvartovsky Oil Well Overhaul, OMZ - Oil and Gaz Projects (Izhorsk Factories) as well as the Russian branch of Geo Trend Corporation.

The company has also gained a lot of experience working with electric power companies. Major clients in this industry in the period prior to the reform of RAO UES of Russia include Mosenergo OJSC, Kolenergo, Krasnoyarskenergo as well as Ivenergo and Vladimirenergo.

Subsequently, the Company's experts audited the financial statements of TGK-5, Mosenergosbyt, Stavropolenergosbyt, Sevkavkazenergo, Dalenergo, Sakhaenergo, Geoterm, Verkhnemutnovskaya GeoPP, groups of regional power transmission and grid companies as well as Serovskaya RPP, Stavropolskaya TGK and OJSC Shchekinskiye PGU.

Consultancy services in appraisal and project financing have been provided on numerous occasions to OJSC OGK-3 and OJSC TGK-2; the largest client of Rosexpertiza in this field has been the Federal Grid Company of the United Energy System.

The coal industry has always been regarded as one of the component parts of the energy industry. Here Crowe Expertiza also has a wealth of experience gained through many years of cooperation with such companies as GK Russian Coal and GRP Reform Coal, the coal assets of the Norislk Nickel group (the Taimyr, October and Komsomolsky mines), Krasnoyarsk Coal Company, Vostsibugol and Chita Coal Company OJSC along with their numerous subsidiary coal mines and trading companies, Dalvostugol, Khakasugol, Saklhalinugol, Prokopyevskugol, as well as OUK Yuzhkuzbassugol Group (comprising over 20 subsidiaries) and Raspadskaya Holding, the main coal asset of EVRAZ Group.