Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Outsourcing accounting functions saves valuable time necessary for making management decisions aimed at improving business efficiency.

Charge professionals with your accounting and see the difference.

Our main objective is to ensure such accounting organization and maintenance at a company which would fully comply with the applicable laws and would enable the company's management to focus on strategic business development issues.

Seven main advantages of accounting outsourcing:

  • Significant cost saving in the absence of in-house specialists;

  • Responsibility for errors in work is transferred over to an outsourcing company;

  • Guaranteed high-standard service by highly-qualified professionals;

  • The human factor since other persons' circumstances do not affect your business any longer;

  • Efficiency: Work speed and its efficiency are much higher than in case of full-time employees;

  • Focus on more important tasks of business development by outsourcing secondary functions;

  • Representation is confident, competent, and authoritative defense of your interests.

We offer:

  • Accounting and tax accounting (including preparation of source documents);

  • Preparation and submission of financial, tax, and statistical reports;

  • Calculation of taxes and preparation of tax returns;

  • Recovery and setting up an accounting system;

  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements;

  • Maintenance of separate areas of accounting (payroll, settlements with accountable persons, accounting of fixed and intangible assets, accounting of goods and materials, invoicing, preparation of payment orders etc.);

  • Temporary accounting and tax accounting and supply of professionals for specific types of work;

  • Payroll accounting, preparation of payroll tax reports to be submitted to state authorities;

  • Check of correctness of accounting and tax accounting;

  • Organization of HR record management and preparation of occupational-safety bylaws;

  • Development of an entity's techniques and bylaws and of record management of certain financial and business operations;

  • Support during tax audits and assistance in relations with the auditors;

  • Testing of accountant and chief accountant job candidates;

  • Practical assistance and consultations concerning tax returns for individuals;

  • Consultation services concerning accounting and taxation for companies and individuals


Our advantages:

  • Competent and reliable personnel, many of the experts speak English and German;

  • Majority of the personnel have certificates of professional accountants or auditors;

  • Availability of tried and tested techniques of rendering services;

  • A system of commands and standards of service;

  • Experience of work both with Russian and foreign customers in the market for over 13 years;

  • Rendering services in strict compliance with the laws;

  • Ability to work under heavy workload and on a tight schedule;

  • Thorough study of the customers' needs;

  • Flexible pricing policy;

  • Availability of the customers' testimonials.

Our professional liability is insured by Ingosstrakh Insurance Company.

ISO 9001:2015

The quality management system of Crowe Expertiza LLC's services is certified by Euro-Register confirming compliance with the ISO international standard.

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Andrey Potseluev
Andrey Potseluev
Director of Crowe Accounting Bureau Rus LLC