Business Planning

Business Planning

Development and expert examination of business plans, feasibility studies, investment memoranda, preparation of business development strategy

Preparation of a business plan is creation of such a business management tool which can attract investors and determine the business development for years to come. Preparation of a business plan is a task for real professionals who know their work and intend for their project to succeed.

As part of the services of investment and financial consulting, our company provides an independent and objective assessment of the economic efficiency of the project, forecasts future cash flows resulting from the project, strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks associated with its implementation.

Our range of investment and financial consulting services includes:

  • preparation of a business plan, feasibility study, investment memorandum;

  • financial modeling, evaluation of investment efficiency;

  • expert examination of a business plan (feasibility study) and a financial model;

  • preparation of a project financing strategy;

  • preparation of a crisis bailout plan, plan to restructure a project/debt as well as related services:

    • marketing research, market analysis

    • preparation of presentation materials

    • participation in negotiations with investors.

As part of the process to raise debt financing, we offer our customers a choice of two related models of our participation in the project.

As part of the first cooperation model, our team carries out preparation of individual project documents (a business plan and financial model, property and business valuation) on the customer's instruction as well as provides legal consultations on the issues identified by the customer. In this case, when performing the work, we use as the basis the customer's project data, as well as the customer's preliminary arrangements with the financing bank concerning the structure and terms of financing, requirements to the project, implementation stages.

As part of the second cooperation model, our company takes on the role of a financial consultant which responsibilities include (in addition to the issues identified in the first cooperation model):

  • approval by the bank of the preliminary structure of the loan product and its terms (including contingent conditions);

  • approval by the bank of the necessity to make changes in the project and the structure of the loan product;

  • preparation of a timetable for preparing documents and information, taking the necessary legal actions in accordance with the approved structure of the loan product and the conditions of its receipt;

  • control of the timetable implementation, its updating considering amendments to the project approved by the bank;

  • control over timely response to the bank's requests;

  • organization of project work with other external consultants the decision to engage which will be made by the Customer;

  • control over performance of the necessary actions and preparation of the necessary documents being a condition precedent to funding commencement.

Our professionals have considerable experience of raising equity and debt financing.

During the five years of the area existence, over 30 business plans were prepared in various industries to raise bank financing. The total investment concerning the projects amounts to around five billion US dollars of project/investment financing. A number of projects have been already financed and are being implemented.

Rosexpertiza has proven experience of cooperation with major banks which include:

  • Vnesheconombank State Corporation

  • Eurasian Development Bank (EDB)

  • Sberbank of Russia (PJSC)

  • Gazprombank PJSC

Our professionals have experience of investment and financial consulting in numerous industries, including:

  • Agricultural sector (Razgulyai Group, Miratorg Agricultural Holding, Prioskolye CJSC, Znamenskiy Plant Breeding and Genetics Center LLC, Eurodon Group, Mansurovo Agricultural Holding)

  • Fuel and energy sector (KEM Oil Group, Titan Group of Companies)

  • Production of construction materials (Metall Don LLC, Partner Tomsk Woodworking Company CJSC)

  • Transport, construction of transfer hubs (Moscow Ring Railway OJSC, Mosinzhproekt, the passenger terminal of Paveletskiy station, Perm 2 transport exchange hub)

  • Housing construction (Zheldoripoteka JSC)

  • Communications (Yota-Bel)

Among other projects, it is worth paying special attention to financial consulting and support of the Small Ring of the Moscow Ring Railway Reconstruction and Development Project carried out by our Company in 2012-2015.

The objective of the Small Ring of the Moscow Ring Railway Project was to create a new transport exchange contour able to attract some of the passenger traffic from the radial underground lines and train stations in the central part of the city, to load the transportation system of Moscow more uniformly and to provide passengers with new opportunities and more comfortable travel options. The total investment in the project amounted to over 100 billion rubles. The project was successfully implemented; regular operation began in September 2016.

A project of the similar scope in which our Company participated was a construction project of 11 transfer hubs in Moscow implemented by Mosinzhproekt. The transfer hubs under analysis included the following facilities: Alma-Atinskaya transfer hub, Kuntsevskaya TH, Lermontovsky Prospekt (Kosino) TH, Lesoparkovaya TH, Lyuberetskaya (Kosino-Ukhtomskaya) TH, Novokosino TH etc. Our responsibility was to elaborate variants of performance indicators, analysis of their cost efficiency and investment prospects, preparation of a feasibility study of the investment projects.

Since March 2018, our company has provided consultation services within a major project to restructure the operation and develop prospective areas of development of Zheldoripoteka JSC which is one of the major participants of the Russian housing construction market.

As part of the project, our company has the following responsibility:

  • preparation of a strategy and the optimal project financing arrangement;

  • detailed elaboration of legal and tax aspects of the operating model of the project implementation, a developed financing arrangement;

  • preparation of an investment memorandum and financial model of the project;

  • search for and negotiations with potential investors and banking institutions;

  • support of financial close procedures of transactions for the project to raise funding;

  • preparation of a crisis bailout plan, project/debt restructuring plan.

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